Benefits of Using Cleansing Oil

Jun 15, 20
Benefits of Using Cleansing Oil

    Many of us are probably familiar with "face wash" as it's one of the most common skin care products ever made. Cleaning all the gunk out of your pores before starting your day or before heading to bed is one of the most important steps in having clear and healthy skin...but what if I told you that swapping out your regular face wash for a Cleansing Oil could dramatically improve your skin in more ways than one?!


    Now, you may be thinking, "Why on Earth would I smear oil all over my face, won't that make my face all oily and gross?" which was my first impression as well. Turns out, oil cleansing is very balancing for all skin types, as long as your using the right oils and since they don't strip the skin of your natural oils, oil cleansing can lead to healthier more vibrant skin. 

   Oil cleansing can be used to:
  • Deep clean pores and address breakouts and blackheads
  • Moisturize dry skin
  • Balance oil production
  • Remove dead skin, dirt, and makeup (even the tough waterproof kind)
  • Reduce inflammation in acne and other facial skin conditions
  • Clean the skin without stripping it
  • Promote wound healing
  • Nourish the skin 
  • Address aging skin with the natural anti-aging properties of the oils


    Luckily for you, we've already gone through the trouble of finding the perfect combination of natural oils to cover all of the above. Our Blemish Prone Cleansing Oil is one of our best sellers and really the product that started the whole company. The simple yet potent ingredients had made such an impact on myself and my close friends that my team and I decided to take things to a new level and spend months formulating more products for women and men alike that were having trouble with acne.  


    I myself struggled with consistent break outs, nothing too overbearing  but definitely enough to be extremely annoying. I tried every drugstore cleanser, every 3 step system, every product that was being pumped through the T.V. with celebrity ambassadors, I even tried different birth controls, different diets......just writing about it is making me feel the frustration and defeat I once felt constantly. It wasn't until I met two holistic skin care specialists (which are now thankfully on my team) that formulated the cleanser for me did I finally find relief. 


    It was like someone turned on the lights and I finally understood why nothing else was working. I am still so thankful for my team even if we never ended up working together and creating Bellabota because they changed the way I feel about myself and how I feel people perceive me. I don't feel like people are looking at my imperfections when they talk to me I feel like they are looking at ME. That alone has been a huge weight off my shoulders, as silly as that may seem, so I am even more excited to share these products with others in hopes they get to experience the relief of finding products that actually work. <3


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