About Us

    Bellabota is an all women, small batch company that prides on our ability to maximize the results of naturally found and ethically sourced ingredients to bring out the best in your skin. Our holistic skin care experts carefully craft products that can dramatically improve skin concerns from acne, to eczema, to aging.

    We've had countless instances where our products made huge differences in someone's skin that prescribed medications couldn't match, which is truly amazing. In modern society, we tend to forget that everything we need to live healthy lives already exist on this beautiful planet, and we are so excited to remind ourselves of this important truth every day.

    We sincerely appreciate your support as we help others get rid of harsh ingredients, drying alcohols, and additive filled products while instilling new found confidence in those who suffer from unwanted skin problems. Some of us are luckier then others, but when you find it hard to look in the mirror and are embarrassed to be around friends, it can really damage the way you feel about yourself. Our team at Bellabota likes to think that we don't just treat skin issues, but we treat self esteem issues as well. And we hope to continue being able to make such a difference in the lives of our customers for a very long time.